• Reducing Health Risks
    We are working to reduce tobacco use, obesity and other health risks, and to promote better health for…
  • Access to Affordable Healthcare
    We support access to affordable healthcare. WPHA supports policy efforts that decrease the number of uninsured and provide…
  • Funding for Local Health Departments
    We support funding for local health departments. WPHA supports legislation increasing state funding for all public health programs…
  • Childhood Vaccinations
    We supported making Wyoming a “universal coverage” state for childhood vaccinations. Wyoming ranks 11th among all states for…
  • Wyoming Cancer Control Act
    We supported the Wyoming Cancer Control Act and programs for colorectal cancer screening. In 2006-2007, we sent letters…
  • Food Safety
    We opposed pieces of legislation that intended to weaken our state’s food safety regulations. In 2003, Governor Dave…
  • Smokefree Wyoming
    We supported tobacco control initiatives by endorsing the comprehensive “Smokefree Wyoming” bill, by continuing to support a smoking…


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